Seance issues its first release from Kryss Hypnowave with his 'Endosphora'


Seance issues its first release from Kryss Hypnowave with his 'Endosphora'

Spreading it's wings from their online radio presence the new imprint, Seance issues its first release from the Italian producer Kryss Hypnowave (the production alias of Christian Scalas) with his 'Endosphora' E.P which includes remixes from Edit Select and DJ Datch.

Seance is a London based Techno and Electronica label ran by Warren of The Clairvoyants, who many will recognise from their former show on Rinse FM. The show has since broken away from the Rinse brand to set up its own independent web based radio station called ‘Seance Radio’ and it’s this new station that is directly linked to the label.

The EP’s opening track is 'Endosphora' starting with the pulse of a tense TB303 line, brought to life with the atmospherics of dark and distant pads washed in reverb. FX sounds that crash like waves breaking on futuristic shores, like a whirlpool, the track builds in tenacity as it reaches its centre point.

Titled 'Eksosporium' the second track opens with smooth ambient pads that set the scene, whilst the kick drum slowly fades in like a creeping assailant ready to attack. Slow building, yet not drawn out, things gradually develop and a pulsing lead synth slowly becomes the main focus.

The Edit Select remix of 'Endosphora' is the third track and the last to feature on the vinyl version of the release, keeping many of the original’s main features, his remix is focused on structure. Introducing the kick drum from the start, the remix follows a conventional structure filled with DJ appeal and a on the dancefloor.

'Anaerobi' is the first of the digital only tracks and it starts with a gut rumbling bass line with a mechanical groove. Thick and compact hi-hats are quickly introduced to provide forward momentum and help keep the cogs turning.

Also available on the digital only release is the DJ Datch remix of Anaerobi which finishes off the EP. Harder and perhaps more industrial than the original mix, DJ Datch adds a hypnotic element to his remix with the addition of his own looping bass line.


A1. Endosphora
A2. Eksosporium
AA. Endosphora (Edit Select Remix)
04. Anaerobi
05. Anaerobi (DJ Datch Remix)

Release Date: 31st August 2015