Sebo K Remixes John Tejada's 'Sweat On The Walls' via Poker Flat Records


Sebo K Remixes John Tejada's 'Sweat On The Walls' via Poker Flat Records

Sebo K has remixed the Poker Flat classic, John Tejada 'Sweat (On The Walls)' Treating the track with respect, Sebo K kept the basic elements of the track while giving it a more contemporary sound. The remix will be released soon on Four Jacks Pt. 2 – 15 Years of Poker Flat.

Legendary Hamburg label Poker Flat Recordings is celebrating its 15th anniversary of releasing underground dance staples, from its pioneering debut release of founder Steve Bug's 'Loverboy' 12inch, to favorites by Martin Landsky, Martini Bros, Alex Niggemann and countless others.

To commemorate the occasion, the label is releasing a four-part series of EPs aptly titled Four Jacks – 15 Years of Poker Flat. Each 12 inch features new takes on some of our favorite Poker Flat tracks, reworked by the likes of Audiofly, DJ Tennis, Mind Against and Ejeca, alongside brand new tracks by Josh Wink, Mark Henning, John Tejada and more.

"When Steve [Bug] asked me whether I would have time to make a remix, I first thought I have to refuse because I was working on another project," Sebo K tells us. "When he said that it’s for the anniversary compilation of Poker Flat and I could chose a track from the back catalogue I knew I have to find a way to make it happen timewise. The track 'Sweat on the Walls' by John Tejada was a huge track back then, when it came out, and it’s a Poker Flat classic. I tried to treat it with a lot of respect, so I kept the main ingredients and just tried to make it a bit more suitable for the contemporary sound."