Second LP from AFFKT with 'Son of a Thousand Sounds'

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Second LP from AFFKT with 'Son of a Thousand Sounds'

Valencia's esteemed genre-defying DJ / Producer AFFKT is in September deliver His long-awaited sophomore LP ' Son of a Thousand Sounds ' via His very own imprint, Sincopat.

Over the past 9 years, AFFKT - Real name, Marc Martinez Nadal - have amassed a prolific and diverse musical résumé, Including the release of His critically acclaimed debut LP 'point 0' in 2012 and, amongst many others, a series of well- received recent offerings on respected labels : such as, Suara, NM2, Exploited, Kitball, Kling Klong plus, of course, His very own Sincopat .

'Son of a Thousand Sounds' Sees the talented Spaniard return with a unique and distinctive 12-track aural adventure, fusing together elements of Techno, House, straightforward beats, Pop and Electronica immersive. AFFKT's penchant for shape-shifting through genres Makes a perfect pick him not just for clubbers, But Also Indie, Pop and Electronic music enthusiasts.

The album's impressive opener ' Dreamback ' gets things off to a fine start showcasing the first of Several left-field alluring soundscapes That the album has of offer. ' Between Us ' Follows a few cuts later, seeing AFFKT Demonstrate His passion for a gentle association with Techno / Dub music by, delivering an edgy arrangement of future bass-lines, subtly beats and melodies chained outer space.

Other highlights include, the warm and Optimist puzzle of ' Boira ' (composed alongside Upercent ), the 3.5 minute synth worshiping ' Mareny ', the organic and bizarrely nostalgic sounding ' Ash ' plus AFFKT and Piek's graceful flirtation With deconstructed House music Entitled ' Esclafit '- if you're looking for some deep, wild and Engaging loop-based dance sounds, This song will definitely satisfy.

Now with one foot on the dance-floor, it's the perfect time to highlight the album's Most banging tracks, ' San Diego ' and ' Oxi '. These two rockin 'and vivid Compositions shift seamlessly from moody moments to explosions of electronic ecstasy, boasting prominent synth melodies and propulsive Techno-House beats. Plus , let's not forget' Flashcrash 'What Could Easily be a major tribute to the world-renowned dance duo The Chemical Brothers .

'Flashcrash' boasts the skilled talents voice of Sutja Gutierrez (a member of the band The Frühstücks) who Past Appears on ' The Show ' (the album's first single) and ' Someone in the Sky ' (the album's second single). With His inclusion, Pop sensations Have definitely taken a back seat in Favour of uncompromising functionality dance floor. Sometimes funky and fresh, emotional and breath-taking Sometimes.


1. Dreamback 
2. Oxi 
3. San Diego 
4. Between Us 
5. in May. The Show (feat. Sutja Gutierrez) 
6. Ikigai 
7. Flashcrash (feat. Sutja Gutierrez) 
8. Boira (with Upercent) 
9. Someone in the Sky (feat. Sutja Gutierrez) 
12.Esclafit (with Piek)

Release Date: 23rd September 2016