Servent delivers 'ARTBals' on his Downstream imprint


Servent delivers 'ARTBals' on his Downstream imprint

Servent (aka Damon Vallero) delivers his latest release on his Downstream imprint titled ‘ARTBals’ EP. Comprising two original tracks together with a remix from Electracom’s Bioscope Man, this release offers techno grooves varying from the hypnotic to the dronal.

Opening track ‘Subdivision’ fires off shards of analogue synths, underpinned by a dark bass and mighty kick.

After which, Bioscope Man takes the essence of the track, stripping out the layers and adding his own bass-heavy and distorted flavour, for his thunderous remix.

The pummelling ‘Blockade’ twists and jerks, with stops and starts, veering from (synth)etic dronal washes to driving percussive rhythms, before ‘Panel’ finishes off the EP with a locked down groove anchored by a haunting and ominous atmosphere.


1. Subdivision
2. Subdivision (Bioscope Man mix)
3. Blockade

Release Date: 20th November 2015.