Silvershower AKA Ian Pooley - Damaged EP


Silvershower AKA Ian Pooley - Damaged EP

Hailing from Mainz, near Frankfurt, Germany, Ian Pooley is a rarity, twenty years into his professional career, he is regarded as both a cult underground DJ and established producer.

2015 see’s Pooley resurrecting his Silvershower alias which has been his preferred alias for tougher, darker records for nearly 20 years. Previously Silvershower was best known for a pair of 12”s released on Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 in 1996 (with a further EP released on the same label in 2011),. Following a great Berghain gig as Silvershower in 2013, Pooley decided the next step was to create an outlet for more original productions under the Silvershower moniker and launch new a new techno focused label entitle ‘Montage’.

After several months working on new music and design concepts & signing artists such as Berlin’s Hans Berg for future releases, the result is Montage, which arrives in early 2015 with the Damaged EP: three tracks from the Silvershower alias that combine a tougher intensity with Pooley’s usual adeptness for dancefloor grooves.

A1. April 9
B1. Damage
B2. WKL2

Montage will release Damaged EP on January 26th, 2015.