Sky Deep presents 'Time & Space' EP via Reveller Records


Sky Deep presents 'Time & Space' EP via Reveller Records

Being raised on both west and east coats of the US by a family of jazz and gospel musicians, a career in music was imminent for Sky Deep. The producer, DJ, musician, and live performer is unleashing Time & Space, her much anticipated first solo album.

Although she’s mostly DJ’ing house music and techno, with breaks and sometimes bass, her sets are often infused with flavours of Funk, HipHop and Rock, all while exploring her black US heritage and philosophy on human existence through her own musical creations which are driven with her voice, guitar work and electronics.

Time and Space starts off with a cosmic spoken word piece but as brief it is it seamlessly transitions into the uptempo tongue and cheek “Move” with some bad ass groove and Sky Deep’s guitar prowess shining throughout.

Things get a little darker towards the back end with That Kick Though possibly being the most suitable song name ever?! Almost some vintage electro vibes here with a kick that will slam your chest so hard you’ll be walking backwards. Did I mention the modulating synth line? This one reminds me of one of my favourite DMX Krew tunes in the best way possible.

Rounding out the first part of Time and Space is Set Free and Hunter possibly the ones most suited for the dark dance floors. There’s a certain rawness and attitude to these which are going to make these heard in clubs the world over.


Sky Deep - Time & Space Intro
Sky Deep - Moves
Sky Deep - That Kick Though
Sky Deep - Set Free
Sky Deep - Hunter

Release Date: 10th November 2016