Slavaki is up with his first artist album 'Daydreaming'

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Slavaki is up with his first artist album 'Daydreaming'

After putting out a string of brilliant singles and EP's in the past few years, Slavaki is up with his first artist album. It's hard to believe it's taken him 7 years since the first release, to come up with the idea of releasing a ''full-length''.

No wonder, tracks have gotten time-tested, and have been carefully selected out of over ten continuous hours of material, written in the period between the year 2011 and 2015.Out on the artist's home label Elusive at the beginning of 2016 on limited 2x12" vinyl, CD and digital.

This album is another peek into Slavaki's ever-expanding chest of musical treasures that never seems to fail to surprise.


1. Slavaki - Daydreaming
2. Slavaki - Standards
3. Slavaki feat. Antonia Serra - Overload
4. Slavaki feat. Dat Boy Fresh - Emotive World
5. Slavaki - Dudes from Chaloklum
6. Slavaki - Money Spell
7. Slavaki - Summer Call
8. Slavaki - White Stripe Black Stripe

Release Date: 22nd January 2016.