Smiley Fingers new release has Metrophonique in the kitchen


Smiley Fingers new release has Metrophonique in the kitchen

The new release from Smiley Fingers has Metrophonique in the kitchen. This time they are serving up two fresh and inviting tracks packed full of delicious ingredients; tech-house, dub, techno, and minimal all mixed and blended together with skill and care creating some really tasty feasts.

The first track Intergroove (Original Mix) has a lovely driving beat holding the track from start to finish; with overlays and warped vocals featured throughout. The track is a fresh driving combination of dub techno and minimal, with a melodic riff.

Second up is As Mellow (Original Mix) - wispy but inviting, it’s a rugged slice of tech-house that’s been crafted on a tip that'll ensure it proverbially moves the floor. Spiky and filled with attitude, the occasional vocals help lend it a human dimension that elevates is further, while the drum patterns and the melodies are engaging too.

Metrophonique project was born in Milan outskirts, when Marco and Matteo decided to combine their passion for electronic music. They had the same idea: playing with the 4/4 of house music, contaminating it with the different music roots they come from, building their own sound characterized by groove, minimal contaminations, samples and melodic riffs.

01. Intergroove (Original Mix)
02. As Mellow (Original Mix)

Release Date: Dec. 15 2014