Smog takes a 'Little Break On Skylab' with his new EP


Smog takes a 'Little Break On Skylab' with his new EP

Exploring the outer regions of space Smog (aka Paolo Combes) floats onto Blaq Records with his creative 'Little Break On Skylab' EP - three original tracks that are a primordial symphony of experimental Techno.

His inspirations take roots mostly in black influenced and avant-garde music. With his project 'smog', his production is mostly influenced by nineties industrial acid techno as well as dub and ambient music.

'Fevrier' its artful blend of differing samples and synths married with the deep and immersive layers exploring the minimal, analog side of electronic music with flutters of dub.

While 'Salamandre' takes on minimal and driving 909 rhythms together with crystal-clear analogue synth modelling with an atmospheric science, intermingled with pungent stabs and off-kilter samples.

With mesmerising effects 'Solaris' blends perfectly with powerful tech grooves and subby arrangements, before dropping into a twisted acid array of 90's influenced Techno.


01. Fevrier
02. Salamandre
03. Solaris

Release Date: 2nd November 2015.