Snatch That Sparkling Bubble EP - the fourth release on Les Folies Digitale


Snatch That Sparkling Bubble EP - the fourth release on Les Folies Digitale

Snatch That Sparkling Bubble EP is the fourth release on Les Folies Digitales. The three track EP is featuring Allgoritmika, Frank Fonema and Rino Buttice. The release is out on 9th December and certainly one for the collection.

Les Folies Digitales is a new collective of producers, musicians and DJs who have grown up organizing parties, DJing, making beats and experimenting with music for the last 15 years. Les Folies Digitales Group’s aim is to transmit the deeper soul and the energy of quality electronic music, always with an eye on the future and looking for new foolish ways of expression and evolution of the label.

The first track by Allgoritmika "Bubble Drop" is a rolling analogue slice of tech house, hypnotically infused with a contagious beat.

Frank Fonema "Sparkling Sea" navigating through ethereal and profound textures, suspended between deep house and deeper techno. Frank’s eclectic sound has been described as " A mixture between Deep, groovy and forward pushing House”. Aside from DJing, over the last years Frank was developing his skills as producer.

Rino Buttice "Snatch That" melts a solid groove with a robust bassline foundation and brings the arpeggiated elements to a full, rolling boil. His naturally featured in this production takes the passion to the Analog synthesis and is inspiration come from the vinyl collection (italo disco) and 80’s VHS libraries movies soundtrack of his father.


01. Allgoritmika - Bubble Drop
02. Frank Fonema - Sparkling Sea
03. Rino Buttice - Snatch That