SonicCulture celebrate Festival Forte with Thinkfreaks' 'Forte' E.P


SonicCulture celebrate Festival Forte with Thinkfreaks' 'Forte' E.P

Ahead of the Forte Festival that will take place in Portugal, Montemor-o-Velho castle, between August 28 and 30 2014 - the imprint SonicCulture provide us with a soundtrack to celebrate the occasion. Thinkfreak presents his Techno anthem to announce the opening of the gates of the electronic battlefield with his 'Forte' E.P - featuring three remixes from artists due to feature at this years festival; Billy Dalessandro, Expander and XNX.

Thinkfreak rose to the occasion and produced the official anthem for the event to come. 'Forte' is a true demonstration of masterful craftsmanship that does not fit in a specific style and carries an uplifting feeling that makes us happy to march forward.

Billy Dalessandro takes an approach remembering his roots in the new world. The dance is now four by four and the mission remains engraved into his heart.

Expander looks up with his hand in the air and signals towards the dust forming in the horizon. It is time to get ready for the clash of the titans, thus techno is his weapon.

XNX rides his dark horse called Lucifer and creates the soundtrack for cataclysm. Now, all is prepared for engagement.

At this point, the guardians of the gates shouted in unison: “What happens in the Forte, stays in the Forte”.


1. Forte
2. Forte (Billy Dalessandro Remix)
3. Forte (Expander Remix)
4. Forte (XNX Remix)

Release Date. 28th July 2014.