SONICULTURE is back in full power with VIL's 'EZKL' EP


SONICULTURE is back in full power with VIL's 'EZKL' EP

Portugal's SONICULTURE is back in full power with VIL, a brand new artist coming from the Lisbon underground scene, presenting his four track joyride through Techno on the 'EZKL' EP.

The EP begins by taking your brain on a trippy joyride through techno. Mental and delirious, it also contains a physical groovy component so that you can twirl and twist in a very EZKL fashion.

Then, things get a bit more serious with KEEPER, a display of hypnotic arrangements over very clever drum arrangements. Breaks and beats and tricks and treats.

XV77 brings back techno with the physicality that we need at this point so that we can lay our brains to rest and just do crazy things.

It all ends with a SIN, the most underrated act of mankind that should can be enjoyed in a psychedelic apotheosis.


V i L - EZKL
V i L - Keeper
V i L - XV77
V i L - Sin

Release Date:  27th December 2016