Space DJz 'Circuit Boost' EP gets the Mark Broom treatment


Space DJz 'Circuit Boost' EP gets the Mark Broom treatment

Two bastions of the UK Techno scene come together for the next release on the Beardman imprint with Space DJz 'Circuit Boost' EP which features edits by label head, Mark Broom plus a Ben Long Late Night remix.

The Space DJz duo of Ben Long and Jamie Bissmire have (as their Twitter page quotes) been fader pushing, button clicking and knob twiddling since 1992. Recently their tracks have also featured on BEK Audio and Darren Emerson’s Detone Music with their ‘Under The Influence EP’.

This new EP kicks off with Mark Broom edits of both the title track 'Circuit Boost' with its mighty sub bass and fidgeting electronics

His reworking of 'Ground Hog' turns into a heavy stomper that’s fit for the dancefloor.

Mark also turns his hand to a Dub Techno based mix of the latter, which strips it back to the bare essentials.

Ben Long’s Late Night Mixes have been a recent treat on his solo releases, finishing off the EP he gives us his Late Night Mix of ‘Circuit Boost’. Spaced-out and hypnotic electronica, it offers an alternative to his Space DJz collaborative alter ego.


1. Circuit Boost (Mark Broom Edit)
2. Ground Hog (Mark Broom Edit)
3. Ground Hog (Mark Broom Dub mix)
4. Circuit Boost (Ben Long Late Night Mix)

Release Date: 26th October 2015.