Spanish producer Daniel Kyo to release Running EP on Days of Being Wild


Spanish producer Daniel Kyo to release Running EP on Days of Being Wild

Spanish producer Daniel Kyo is no stranger to the underground electronic scene, with a string of releases on Poker Flat, Lost My Dog, Drumpoet Community and Lovemonk under his belt as well as club dates alongside Daniel Avery, Craig Richards or Ivan Smagghe.

For his first release on Days Of Being Wild, Kyo is presenting two tracks infused with strong melodic hooks and retro 80’s sounds reinforced with the use of old drum machines, analog synths sounds and new wave style vocal lines.

Title track “Running” develops slowly with a dark droney sound opening up as the rhythm track unfolds over muffled radio voices. Hypnotic and cinematic, grand and intimate at the same time, this could be a forgotten Depeche Mode remix circa Black Celebration era.

Destination Unknown is more electro and slightly more aggressive in its sonics while retaining a strong atmospheric vibe; Daniel’s vocals are here just whispers over soft vintage synth pads thus creating a sense of intimacy over the driving synths. The track breaks into an almost italo section, uplifting and dramatic.

Headman/ Robi Insinna released his Album 6 last year on Relish, which he also runs since 2001.
Coming up is 6 E.P. III taken from the album.
He’s been remixing different artists over the years, from Roxy Music, to Gossip to Underground classics like the Units High Pressure days.

He tackles title track “Running” and declines it over two version, an epic 10 min take and shorter 6 min version. Where the original was emphasising atmosphere and mood, Headman’s remix boost the club aspect of the piece, alternating between a straight driving bassline and a bouncier one on the break, making it more New Order than Depeche Mode. But keeping in with the pop feel (Synth arpeggios and catchy vocals are still there) and with a less reverberated sound, “Running” turns into some kind of balearic cold wave piece.

1. Running
2. Destination Unknown
3. Running (Headman/Robi Isinna Long Remix)
4. Running (Headman/Robi Isinna Short Remix)