Stock Projects edge to the fringes of modernist Techno with 'S/T' E.P


Stock Projects edge to the fringes of modernist Techno with 'S/T' E.P

Viennese label Bare Hands presents their next elective release from duo Stock Projects with the 'S/T' E.P. It's an experimentation the fringes of modernist Techno, dipping in and out of the territories, and a clear reflection of their live music.

Manuel and Julian (Bedlam) experiment, working about freely allows them to keep a spontaneous jam feel to their music. Utilising whatever hard and software they can get their hands on, their tracks levitate from straight-up punchiness to subbed, backstabbing synths and more eclectic notes.

Opens with kickless track 'Nuck Charms', builds up the tension needed for brute, peak energy live cut. However both 'Delia‘s Dentist' and 'Steady On The Brake' play with the expectation of a kick drum, setting the focus on a sneaky synth line, delivering dynamic to the early stages of a set.

On the flipside of the release 'Jetsun' sets foot into more field-tested territories of Techno with an
expansive bassline and driving percussions.

'Waldo's Moment' provides an electro framework, coated in overly dramatic arabesque melodics.

The EP is secluded by close friend and label partner Sedus, who turns the quirky electronics of 'Waldo's Moment' (Sedvs Version) into a candid peaktime banger, utile in any Techno set.


A1 - Nuck Charms
A2 - Delia‘s Dentist
A3 - Steady On The Brake
B1 - Jetsun
B2 - Waldo's Moment
B3 - Waldo's Moment (Sedvs Version)

Release Date: 4th December 2015.