Suck House Lovers drop Dark Techno from False Flag


Suck House Lovers drop Dark Techno from False Flag

The first release from False Flag on the Suck House Lovers imprint, demonstrates a darker hypnotic side of Techno, blending voices and obsessive landscapes with a shy acid after taste. These unique pieces underlines a more edgy approach for all Techno lovers enriched by four outstanding interpretations by Droneghost, BlackSun, No Parfum and Blister 13.0.

False Flag’s original version of 'Drop The Gun', is a hypnotic, high-tech techno bomb that’s heavy on bass and groove.

While Droneghost steps in with his rework of 'Drop The Gun' from a droning start the track slowly buildis into a frenzy of drums and textures - perfect for the darkest underground clubs.

Next is a remix from BlackSun - a minimal, with that added funk through the use of warped synth-lines building with a unstoppable bass and groove.

Blister 13.0, touches on the boundaries of Dark Trance, but slowly builds and kicks off with full-on weighty bass weaponry.

While completing the array of remixes No Parfum takes the reins with a distorted vocals, twisted into evil barks and plied with itchy hats to warning chimes and a pounding bass-line in this weird and wonky builder.

'Hidden Agenda' concludes the release - as the title suggests - delving deep into raw analogue terrain, with it's distorted bass and pounding kicks. Both these latter track featured on the release are the highlights on the E.P


1 - Drop The Gun (Original)
2 - Drop The Gun (Droneghost remix)
3 - Drop The Gun (BlackSun remix)
4 - Drop The Gun (Blister 13.0 remix)
5 - Drop The Gun (No Parfum remix)
6 - Hidden Agenda (Original)

Release Date : 13th July 2015.