Tale Cooper delivers deep groovy 'Ivory/Real Thing' EP via Blue Dye


Tale Cooper delivers deep groovy 'Ivory/Real Thing' EP via Blue Dye

One year since his first appearance with 'Oblique' on the imprint, Tale Cooper delivers his first strong single release called 'Ivory / Real Thing' featuring two original cuts plus a remix from Oliver Deuerling.

He finds himself a stunning mixture between minimalistic Deep and Techy Sounds. 'Ivory' is a sequel for the dancefloor with deep driving basslines, building percussion fractions, chopped hypnotic sexy vox, electronic stabs and organic touched drum patterns, all controlling the driving vibe.

'Oliver Deuerling' (Stil Vor Talent) strikes with his own interpretation by putting a more moody and fully convincing hypnotic flow on his remix. His unprecedented skills in production have recently shown, that his variable work is on some unique level.

'Real Thing' is a deep groovy laid back B side tracker, which convinces with a less darkish vibe and shows up with elements combined of soul, jazz, funk next to captivating vocal parts.


Tale Cooper - Ivory (Original Mix)
Tale Cooper - Ivory (Oliver Deuerling Remix)
Tale Cooper - Real Thing (Original Mix)

Release Date: 16th September 2016