taMe create a unique Techno project called 'Karma' E.P


taMe create a unique Techno project called 'Karma' E.P

London based DJ and production duo, Philipp Ort and Scott D'Souza, jointly known as taMe are back again with another remarkable project by the name of 'Karma' EP. A three-track collection, including a set of Techno wonders, Karma EP is now available on Beatport and is seeking to add more success for the avant-garde tandem.

Having put their signature on powerful projects such as: 'Skin & Bone', 'Seam Unique', 'Musique Electronique EP', 'I Want You', and 'You OK' EP, their latest effort 'Karma' EP is their sixth release which will be adding weight to their already rich resume. Aside from such top-notch originals, along the years, taMe have also landed some high profile jobs, working and remixing. Their unique Techno infused musical vision has also piled up numerous supporters and is putting them in the spotlight as one of the fastest moving acts in the electronic music realm.

Their newest creation, Karma EP, which holds three highly original tracks by the name of: Yah, Positive Vibes and Sonix, has already gained some notable early support, getting a thumbs up from the likes of: Carl Craig, Claude Von Stroke, Stacey Pullen, Colin Dale, Joseph Capriati and Paco Osuna. Starting off the EP is Yah, offering some harsher tones and a groovy beat which is sure to get dance floors filled up. On the other hand 'Positive Vibes' is characterised by deeper sounds and intricate percussive patterns, adding a tribal feel to this project. Last but not least is Sonix, closing off the EP with its Tech House inspired flavours and captivating melodies. All three tracks offer a distinctive taste which contributes to Karma EP's larger vision.


1. Yah
2. Positive Vibes
3. Sonix

Release Date: Out Now