Techno aficionado Roberto reveals launch of new label Fossil Archive


Techno aficionado Roberto reveals launch of new label Fossil Archive

With a firm nod to the community, revered Techno aficionado, Roberto reveals the launch of his new record label, Fossil Archive and its first release ‘Prolecanites Gurleyi’.

Roberto has already built quite the discography with previous releases on Fachwerk, Affin, Artform and Be As One, as well as establishing himself as a DJ with gigs at the likes of fabric, Berghain and Tresor (listen to his latest Tresor set here

Now, as we hurtle inexorably towards the end of the year, a new kind of Techno is starting to emerge as the soundtrack for a generation and Fossil Archive has found itself at the forefront of this celebration.

"I come from a background where most releases were traditionally cut at 45rpm, with one track per side on a 12-inch record", says Roberto. "The music always sounded great, as it was mastered and cut to its highest potential. Increasingly these days there seems to be a trend where a lot of labels are squeezing a number of tracks on to each side of a 12-inch record. I want to go against that and make sure the music is presented in the purest way possible by cutting one track per side at 45rpm. The label will release primarily vinyl, although digital versions will also be available to purchase.”

Stripped of that cheery outlook that can characterise a pop song, ‘Prolecanites Gurleyi’ replaces it with a life-affirming rhythm, driving home a groove designed for those with an acute interest to intonation and audibility. The most observant will notice the subtleties and feel the tonal influence energise dance floors and hasten interest.

A definitive curation of deep, four on the floor with a clean cut approach to its percussive soundscape, each frequency is given the space and time needed to help advance an alive and kicking stimuli of Techno resonance.

Celebrating the sound of the moment, Fossil Archive reflects the true spirit of Techno, devoting its classic approach with a British accent. This formal contribution to Techno is a much anticipated move, and already well received ahead of its first release. Donning a party hat and Techno fist in the air, their first release has already gathered momentum with it doing damage at some of the worlds most revered Techno events.

This inaugural release will be available from 23rd February 2015.

A. Prolecanites
B. Gurleyi