Techno imprint Bare Hands presents Bedlam's MIR E.P


Techno imprint Bare Hands presents Bedlam's MIR E.P

Viennese techno imprint Bare Hands is pushing its rugged, warm analogue sound towards new territories. The labels third release comes from Bedlam and is named‚ MIR E.P - an on-going collaboration between Bare Hands associates Daniel and Julian.

Dedicated to the fringes of the Techno universe, adding rough and energetic jams to the labels discography.

The lead track on the release 'Bumerang' does what the title suggests and slaps you right in the head with it’s relentless kick drum and intense, manic synth-lines.

It's followed up by the releases most classic cut: 'Eshelonka', an exploration back in time to the 90's - where simplicity was king. Fueled by uncompromising directness and simplicity, this one is a tool for the late hours.

On the B-side, 'Obvalka' presents itself as a gentle slow mover, tentatively cooking up the audience yet playfully introducing rougher soundscapes.

'Betushnye' however, the most fringy jam of the bunch consists of sophisticated, electroid drum patterns submerged by depressing drones and uncanny samples. Shivering down the spine to dissolve in the deeper regions of sonic exploration.

Bedlam - MIR E.P arrives in a limited run of 300 on 140g black vinyl and includes hand numbered postcard artwork on raw 180g paper.


1. Bumerang
2. Eshelonka (Echelon)
3. Obvalka
4. Betushnye

Release Date: 1st May 2015