Techno outfit Sub Dealers release a rough and ready release 'Make Peace Wit


Techno outfit Sub Dealers release a rough and ready release 'Make Peace Wit

After last summer‘s “No Mercy“ EP, Berlin‘s rough & ready techno outfit Sub Dealers is up at bat again, this time demanding fans to brace themselves for their gritty 12“ this fall. With this excellent release, “Make Peace With Your Gods“ is not asked but demanded, complete with their original version and three outstanding remixes.

The Dealers‘ surgical construction of the track takes you on an angular, stabbing trip into their signature driving techno: already after 30 seconds the rollercoaster ride into a sinister yet expansive rave emotion begins and never wanes.

Techno music maverick Dave Tarrida provides his muscled reassembling, bringing the BPM down slightly, grinding in a buzz-base and layering swirling sound effects with a counter-rhythm that brings on dancefloor hypnosis – a feast of urban electronic sounds.

Urbano is one of underground techno‘s youth spokesmen du jour and his reworking of the track reveals a lands- caping of the track‘s sensitivity, injecting a melancholic keyboard layer midway that lifts the spirit to acute levels of passion. The longest of the mixes, its affecting tension reflects somber reaches of the soul. Ashvin Mani Sharma aka Calm Chor is co-founder of the internationally acclaimed live electronic music project Jalebee Cartell, and provides the third “India“ remix.

Unleashing a myriad of percussions & riffs that seamlessly breathe and weave through the track, the added employment of warbled and synth-dredged accents impart a rich dancefloor effectiveness. The progressive undercurrent of diversity and an arsenal of sound-effects make this a unique addition to Sub Dealers‘ newest shout to the techno community: “Make Peace With Your Gods“: an EP destined to be a keeper in any serious underground DJ‘s set.