Terminal M welcome back Hollen with 'Palmares, Pistones and a Hairdryer'


Terminal M welcome back Hollen with 'Palmares, Pistones and a Hairdryer'

Terminal M welcome back Hollen, this time around for a full release with 'Palmares, Pistones and a Hairdryer'. Since Monika Kruse loves and plays Hollen's tracks and remixes heavily it was only a matter of time to get together for this Terminal M premiere.

Evolving from the very start 'Palmares' kicks off the release with perplexed swathes of sound and a subtle kick drum which gallops in and out of rigidity to maximum effect, exploring the minimalistic qualities hiding deep within his production artillery

While 'Hairdryer' is the most functional track on the release. It's a great funky techno tune perfect for the peak time of the night - it’s bolstered by neatly programmed percussive elements and solid kicks that keep you expertly locked directly into the groove of the track.

Rounding off the release, 'Pistones' hurtles towards a crescendo towards the break, and from there on in, it’s straight up heads down business. As the percussive elements play tag team with each other, redirecting attention post melodrama and injects some clever breathing space whilst continuing to explore the interrelation between its many nuances.


A1: Hollen - Palmares
B1: Hollen - Hairdryer
B2: Hollen - Pistones

Release Date: 23rd December 2015.