The Analogue Cops are back on the OUT-ER imprint with an unmistakable raw s


The Analogue Cops are back on the OUT-ER imprint with an unmistakable raw s

The Analogue Cops are back on the OUT-ER imprint and they came with their typical and unmistakable raw sound.

It consists in 4 swinging crispy house tracks, deep atmospheres meet techno into a journey that will bring you straight into Anlogue Cops’ dimension.

On the flip, 2 collaboration with Great Injuries and Stanley A take place to complete this totally analogue project. What makes this release so concrete and at the same time old school is the tape recording that characterize the whole EP, in it all the sounds are melted and result very consistent.

The Analogue Cops aka Marieu (Restoration/ Appointment/ Livejam records/ Sabotage Rec) and Lucretio (Mixworks / Restoration/Appointment/ Livejam records/ Sabotage Rec/ DeepMoves). Founders of the Restoration Assault Unit, one of the last independent underground labels on the planet, The Analogue Cops are true defenders of vinyls and the worst enemies of digital downloads; from four years they have been resisting in Berlin, where they had already imposed their message made of pure analogue Techno.

Techno that comes from Chicago House music, from Larry Levan´s disco, from George Clinton´s funk, from Miles Davis´s jazz; in a few words, uptempo danceable R&B music.Deeply inspired by Jeff Mills and Theo Parrish, they use their analogue sound to bring the order into the confused dancefloor of the world. They use only hardware analogue gear in their live shows, raw and funky in the traditional Techno style.

Lucretio and Marieu are pledged in a more dub and deep house oriented project, but always deeply influenced by their passion for american music. Their productions are appreciated and played by djs such as James Pennington, Alan Oldham, dj Buzz Goree, Ame, Santiago Salazar, Steffi, Tama Sumo, Prosumer, Radioslave, Dor, Eddie Flashin´ Fowkles, Rick Wade, Pacou, Mad Max, Patrice Scott, Marcel Dettmann and Ricardo Villalobos.