The Black 80s make their Defected debut with 'Give Me Something'


The Black 80s make their Defected debut with 'Give Me Something'

This week see's the release from the The Black 80s, aka veteran house purveyors Hollis P. Monroe and Overnite, making their single debut on Defected Records with 'Give Me Something'. Hot Chip main man Joe Goddard starts off proceedings by combining an elevated synth arpeggio with long drawn out pads and subtle vocals to create an epic haunting journey, whereas Jullian Gomes' rendition provides a confident, energetic, four-to-the-floor house version.

Overnite takes the mood much deeper, as seductive synths and a deep, bassy kick drum combine to create a raw and classic 808 house vibe, and his The Black 80s cohort Hollis P. Monroe puts his own retro spin on things with organ stabs and a dance floor skip.

Hollis P Monroe is responsible for classic songs in both the Deep House and Funky Breaks genres. Since 1994, Hollis has made sporadic but significant musical contributions on highly respected labels including Ovum, Defected, West End,Stickman, Soul Candi, and Jive Electro.Recently, Hollis has been refueled by Noir Music's highly acclaimed remixes of his timeless track, I'm Lonely and rejuvenated by talented music veteran but newcomer to house music, Overnite.

Overnite brings his vast experience as a vocalist and producer into the musical direction, DJ sets and live performances as they swiftly move forward as The Black 80s.