The 'Superconductivity' E.P extends the scope of 30drop


The 'Superconductivity' E.P extends the scope of 30drop

30drop makes a return to his own imprint with the fourth release 'Superconductivity' EP, creating an interesting sweet-toned combination of complex percussive rhythms gives way to the already identifiable sonic universe of 30drop that turns into an effective formula at any club aimed at the forefront of the electronic dance music.

'Graviton' starts the release, delving right into some raw cut Detroit style Techno, with sine waves overlapping perfectly, layering clicks and bleeps spread over gigantic sounding percussion sections.

While the exploration of deepness in the track 'Atomic Transition' is fantastic, with it's piercing high-hats in a combination with thumping bass drum, and sweeping synths...

'Lost Parallel 33' in the meantime, with it's minimalistic start, making you feel connected to the music via repetitions and pulsating patterns forming throughout the progress of the track.

'Intermittent Ray' completes the release with complex percussive rhythms, amplifying the already identifiable sonic sinewaves, returning back to layering those clicks and bleeps that just give the track stature and sense of surreal space.

The roots contained within the release are deep and the horizon halfway between Detroit and Berlin and has been influenced by masters like Mills, Dixon, Surgeon and German minimalism of the 90s. 'Superconductivity' EP extends the scope of 30drop positioning on the edge of the sidereal dance floor.

In short another amazing release from 30drop, it made for those purveyors of strange and wonderful techno and experimental music...


A1. Graviton
A2. Atomic Transition
B1. Lost Parallel 33
B2. Intermittent Ray

Release Date: 29th June 2015