Thought provoking Techno from Albert Silver with “Decoded Thoughts”

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Thought provoking Techno from Albert Silver with “Decoded Thoughts”

The latest creation out of the studio from Albert Silver comes in the form of a thought provoking Techno album - “Decoded Thoughts” which is set to be released on Consumed Music.

Netherlands based Mark Oudshoorn aka Mark Mywords releases his debut album with the alias Albert Silver. Each of the ten tracks stands on it’s own and is an addictive listen through each track on Decoded Thoughts. 

DJ ready tracks that could easily be mixed together immediately and that you will definitely hear soon on a Techno dance floor. Albert Silver (Mark Oudshoorn) is talented and Decoded Thoughts showcases his exceptional producing skills.

It’s not often you can listen to an entire album a couple times and adore, and admire each track.


Leaving Out The Obvious (Original Mix)
Next Up (Original Mix)
Tubing (Original Mix)
Union (Original Mix)
Pirate (Original Mix)
3 Is The Magic Number (Original Mix)
The Captain (Original Mix)
Injury (Original Mix)
Signal Interruption (Original Mix)
Riot (Original Mix)

Release Date: 4th November 2016