Tim Xavier drops the dark and intense 'Saturation Tools'


Tim Xavier drops the dark and intense 'Saturation Tools'

Tim Xavier's next release is the 'Saturation Tools' package on Face To Face Recordings, that is already in receipt of some stellar response - a three track combination of House and Techno which follows on from his dark and intense 'No Edges' EP release earlier last month.

Kicking off with 'Saturation Tool 1' - it's raw, dirty and slow rolling. A solid track with House vibes that would compliment a funkier set.

Next up is 'Tool 2' A fixed jacking track with added swing and groove that engages unbending attention.

'Tool 3' completes the package setting up a rhythmic Techno scene in this sexy four-to-the-floor punching house tool.

Tim Xavier's passion for music has kept him on the forefront of techno since his innovative releases on Blueline in Chicago a decade ago. His career began in Houston in the 90s, and then on to Chicago, Brooklyn and now Berlin, where he has resided since 2007. He is a veteran to the industry; and his dark, edgy production style has remained uncompromising through the ever changing genres of Techno and House. The owner of Face To Face Recordings and the owner / chief engineer at Manmade Mastering in Berlin; this sleepy-eyed coffee addict defines cool as he cuts master plates for many respected record labels.


1. Saturation Tool 01
2. Saturation Tool 02
3. Saturation Tool 03

Release Date: 7th September 2015.