​Trinity & Beyond release the hypnotic 'These Storms Above​' EP


​Trinity & Beyond release the hypnotic 'These Storms Above​' EP

Trinity & Beyond is a collaboration between Trinity AU and producer John Tzineris (Beyond) their release 'These Storms Above' EP has an incredible level of production culminating in hypnotic techno pieces filled with emotion.

These Storms Above is concise in its emotional impact, the pounding kick drums and perfectly panned hi-hats patiently drift among the haunting voice-like chords, water-drip effects and tribal percussion.

Urban Jungle is another propulsive techno number primed with textured noise, heavily filtered pads and rhythmic argeggiated sounds with long reverbed soundscapes.

Tunnel Vision decreases the tempo and begins with drums that build into shimmering melodies and effects that that buzz and spark throughout its dark corners. This is mesmerizing techno with a beautiful dreamy soundscape.


These Storms Above
Urban Jungle
Tunnel Vision

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