Uchuu Saru drops the 'Nobody' EP on El Otro Mundo


Uchuu Saru drops the 'Nobody' EP on El Otro Mundo

Uchuu Saru drops the 'Nobody’¦' EP on the El Otro Mundo imprint - initially had the full title of 'Nobody but me' which is related to the vintage song from the 1920’s 'Everybody Loves My Baby' by Jack Palmer and Spencer Williams.

The original title track is by Mark Nordstrom aka Uchuu Saru. The vocals in this release are his very own, sang on a simple setup. The groove is a very consistent relaxed vibe with subtle changes that flow in and out of the song.

The Arturo Garces remix is a sure fire dancefloor filler. This one gets straight to business with a solid 4/4 swing. Once the vocal drops, dance floor is hooked. Arturo created a true signature sound that translates in this remix.

The Paul Leath remix is on the aggressive side, getting to various stabs and synths over a rolling kick while using the vocals as a layered sound. The song progresses into a thick bassline and vocal jam.

The final remix by the creator Uchuu Saru is a more dancefloor oriented sound with a moody appeal, leaving the feel good atmosphere behind and introduces haunting textures of the original.


1. Nobody... (Original Mix)
2. Nobody... (Arturo Garces Remix)
3. Nobody... (Paul Leath Remix)
4. Nobody... (Uchuu Saru Re-Edit)

Release Date: 6th December 2015.