UNER release the epic 'Spirits From Urantia' EP incl. Petar Dundov remix

Melodic Techno

UNER release the epic 'Spirits From Urantia' EP incl. Petar Dundov remix

Solar Distance presents its first release of the year with an epic release with features original music from label head - UNER, plus a breath taking remix from Petar Dundov on the 'Spirits From Urantia' EP.

First on the release is “Urantia” which fuses the fragile shards of the delicate melody synth with the rubbery warm of an arpeggiated lead sound. A medley of textures and epic in every sense of the word, the track takes clear influence from the labels “Solar Distance” title, and overall it has a cosmic feel with cinematic influence.

Second is Petar Dundov’s remix of “Urantia” that’s lead by his trademark prominent bass line, which fills the track with energy to provide its driving force. Although less epic in terms of its structure, Petar’s version instead focuses on emotion, and with a poignant sense of happiness, pulls on the heart strings like the memory of a lost loved one.

“Spirits” finishes off the release with tribal drums layered over the stabbing acid of the bassline. The twisted murmur of muffled vocals creates an unnerving tension, and menacing synths give the track a dark atmosphere. Understated and full of personality this percussion lead track has a timeless sound and a slight rave influence.


01. Urantia
02. Urantia (Petar Dundov Remix)
03. Spirits

Release Date: 27th January 2017