UNER & Viviana Toscanini -  Inception EP [Solar Distance]

Melodic Techno

UNER & Viviana Toscanini - Inception EP [Solar Distance]

UNER is back on his own Solar Distance label with a new collaborative EP consisting of two epic - style original tracks he championed on other impressions such as Sincopat, Last Night On Earth and Sol Selectas.

The couple UNER and Viviana Toscanini joined forces for this release from the studio-based location where they live together in America and where they regularly play DJs in places like Brooklyn and New York. The couple had previously collaborated on a remix for the Dilek Records by Franco Bianco, but this is their debut collaboration of original material, and it will undoubtedly be the first of many.

"Ab Ovo" opens a breakbeat groove with pitched tom drums and hi-hats shuffling. The pads set the scene cinematically and full of character, while the eloquent piano adds delicate textures with emotional tones. Increased with a hint of acid, this cut influenced by the 1980s has everything the club needs, while it is also perfectly tailored to the home.

The "Bloomed" second cut has dramatic percussion set in the intro's dark atmosphere. Like a burst of sunlight announcing a cloudy day's subsidence, when the lead synth is introduced, the track's mood lifts. This exquisite cut of melodic techno, moving from dark to light, has a storytelling personality that will light up any dance floor.


1. Ab Ovo
2. Bloomed

Release Date: 26th April 2019