Upcoming Vinyl Release from Joachim Spieth on Affin Records


Upcoming Vinyl Release from Joachim Spieth on Affin Records

The first track on Side A, ‘Under The City’ is an original produced by Joachim that steadily builds into a driving melody. The rhythm is catchy and infectious and made for the dancefloor. Waning deliberately, ‘Under The City’ delicately tapers off to only find itself strengthen again into something even more fierce.

Long time DJ, producer and label boss of Affin, Joachim Spieth comes out with a Vinyl and Digital release entitled ‘Under The City’ carrying over his signature sound from his past 12”s, ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Sensualized’. A distinctive feature of Joachim’s music is by the way he uses filters. Joachim is continuously shaping an environment that triggers the listener’s perception and consciousness.

On Side B we find remixes by Rolando and Reggy Van Oers. Rolando gives ‘Under The City’ a minimal feel at first and then unwaveringly creates anticipation for the next chord. Well-known for his Ostgut sound, Rolando keeps ‘Under The City’ groovy and melodious and adds more of an underground touch straight out of Germany. Reggy van Oers finishes off this 12” with a remix that gradually accelerates mixing in various elements to bring the EP to a climax.

‘Under The City’ has all the right fluctuation to be played in a variety of situations and circumstances. Whether to be played at peak hours to a large crowd or to close out or open the night, ‘Under The City’ is a very diverse and eclectic EP that can satisfy a wide range of Techno connoisseurs.

Release Date: 2015-02 (Vinyl) / 2015-03 (Digital)


1. Under The City (Original) – 6:24
2. Under The City (Rolando Remix) – 6:51
3. Under The City (Reggy van Oers Remix) – 7:12