Various Artists - Regeneration EP [Freerotation Records]


Various Artists - Regeneration EP [Freerotation Records]

Freerotation Records drop a mixed artist compilation aptly named 'Regeneration' EP - featuring music from Juju & Jordash, Shawn Rudiman and Cubic Space Collective. Featuring two tracks which have been cut from the live and improvised set performed at Freerotation’s event in 2017, and on the flip side are solo cuts from the other two artists.

Juju & Jordash step in for the first track on the release 'Live at Freerotation 2017 - Cut 1' - a slice of raw jackin’ analogue house. With hard-hitting tom drums and phased claps layered under lush synths playing jazzy chords to form uplifting textures.

Next up is 'Live at Freerotation 2017 - Cut 2' which is deep in essence with a spacious sound full of dreamy melody that contrasts with the ominous bass stabs. Delicate but menacing the blend of juxtaposed moods give the track a captivating atmosphere.

Shawn Rudiman’s 'Always and Forever' is the first of the original cuts, which is an eloquent blend of clattering percussion and intricate melody. Rich in analogue warmth the machine funk of the tracks universal design is deep techno at its best.

Finishing the EP is Cubic Space Collective’s 'Sea of Tranquility' which is a clean and shimmering cut of Detroit influenced techno. With gliding textures and deep emotion, the laid-back vibe of the synths are complimented by the up-tempo percussion rhythms.


A1. Juju & Jordash - Live at Freerotation 2017 - Cut 1
A2. Juju & Jordash - Live at Freerotation 2017 - Cut 2
B1. Shawn Rudiman - Always and Forever
B2. Cubic Space Collective - Sea of Tranquility

Release Date: 29th October 2018.