Versalife enters the realms of Electro with the 'Self-Replication' EP


Versalife enters the realms of Electro with the 'Self-Replication' EP

Best known to the techno world as Conforce, Boris Bunnik's sprawling body of work reaches far beyond his acclaimed techno productions now turns his hand to master the realms of Electro with the 'Self-Replication' EP.

It is his Versalife project that now receives its first outing on DJ Glow's long-running TRUST imprint, and if any further proof is needed that Bunnik is a master of the resurgent electro genre, this should easily win over any doubters.

'Self-Replication' starts out with a nod to the aquatic innovators of the genre on 'Raptures of the Deep', but quickly leaves their many imitators behind in its wake, effortlessly contrasting subtle textures with clanging beats, spiralling arpeggios with grumbling bass-lines.

Bunnik's sonic boldness peaks on 'Gentrification', a sprawling 7-minute journey through jittery rhythms, bottomless echoes, and foreboding harmonies.

'Pathogen' closes the EP almost with a touch of pop, combining a Boards of Canada-style bass-line with FM chimes that hark back to the golden days of synth music.


Versalife - Raptures of the Deep
Versalife - Scepsis
Versalife - Gentrification
Versalife - Pathogen

Release Date: 26th September 2016