Victor Martinez drops the masterful 'Foucault's Pendulum' EP


Victor Martinez drops the masterful 'Foucault's Pendulum' EP

Spanish producer Victor Martinez makes his first appearance on the South Korean Techno label - More Than Less with his 'Foucault's Pendulum' EP - two originals, with remixes from Rraph and Soolee.

Victor Martinez (also known as Error Etica) has very special character on his production representing continuously proceeding complex rhythmic groove and very unique texture of sound which feature heavily on both the original tracks - Foucault's Pendulum and Dynacore.

Rraph takes 'Foucault’s Pendulum' in to a slowly evolving sound evolving around his own techno style - a deep and dark sound carefully crafted and skillfully reworked into this track.

Soolee reworks 'Dynacore' adding a synthetic groove through the use of dynamic changes - taking a departure from the hard rhythmic nature offering a more intelligent remix.


1. Foucault's Pendulum
2. Foucault's Pendulum (Rraph remix)
3. Dynacore
4. Dynacore (Soolee remix)

Release Date: 9th October 2015.