Victor Santana connects with Greek mythology to bring you the 'Hyperborea'


Victor Santana connects with Greek mythology to bring you the 'Hyperborea'

For their next release the Madrid label, Chaval Records use myths to present their new release, ‘Hyperborea EP’. In their first release of 2015 Victor Santana connects with Greek mythology. Hyperborea was a region in the northern lands, a remote location which called itself “beyond the north” where the god of wind, Boreas dwelt. The myth surrounding this region has led to a number of theories, one of which explains that our earth has two openings through which you can reach the interior, which hosts a large sun.

From this mythological point in the bowels of the earth, so close and yet distant at the same time, comes this new star release which also features a remix by Ken Ishii, a DJ and producer from the land of the rising sun and one of the bastions of Techno in Japan, who delivers tracks with the calm and the rigor of a samurai.

The first track ‘E 150 D’ is equally both cosmic soul and Techno with a subtle vocal reminiscent of those 90s Garage divas emitting moans of ecstasy. It’s a track that will move the body and the neurons, like a black hole star piercing through the centre and right there, the sun shines through.

‘CV1 & CV2’ is another useful DJ tool to bring the dancefloor to a climax. If the previous track can be enjoyed with eyes closed, then by comparison ‘CV1 & CV2’ comes with a smile in its shining path.

‘Alteration The Program’ is round yet blunt with its mathematical and clear arrangements to revive the spirit of intergalactic funk. Vigorous and feverish, while voices from NASA show you the way. Astronomical.

Ken Ishii is synonymous with effectiveness, professionalism and honesty; three bases of Japanese culture that have aided his already long career. His remix reduces the typical emergency imposed on the dancefloor with the patience of sumo wrestler waiting for the right time. Stellar.

1. E 150 D
2. CV1 & CV2

Release Date: 15th March 2015