Vikthor - Hit The Run EP [Intec]


Vikthor - Hit The Run EP [Intec]

Hailing from the Italian city of Naples, Vikthor makes his debut on Intec with 'Hit The Run' EP - two tracks which are an excellent example of the aggressive techno style that has led to catching the attention of people like Carl Cox.

This promising and upcoming artist started to make waves following music on labels including; Reload Black, Steve Mulder's Orange, and the highly influential Bush Records.

'Hit The Run' starts as it means to continue, and from the get-go hits hard with its pounding percussion, which is lifted by the building tension of the lead synth. Full of energy, this peak time cut of techno is made more dramatic with explosive vocal bursts.

'Savage' that as the title suggests, is a beast of a track with its filtered chord stabs and fizzing hi-hats. Building steady momentum, the track's understated style is built on suspense and the captivating hypnosis of looped chords.


1. Hit the Run
2. Savage

Release Date: 19th October 2018