Vinyl only release from TIJN 'TIJN02'


Vinyl only release from TIJN 'TIJN02'

After the last EP sold out in a few short weeks, TIJN now offers up another carefully considered, vinyl only package that is limited to 350 copies. It comes from talented and eponymous label boss TIJN, and offers four tracks of perfectly physical, genuinely engaging house music.

UK born TIJN is the boss of In Haus Wax as well as his own self titled label and Deep Edition Recordings. He has been kicking out the jams since 2007 as Martijn but more recently adopted this moniker as an outlet for a more direct analog sound. His classy recent work has sat atop charts on and Juno, he has released music by French master Djebali, is being remixed by Terrence Parker and his first release had support from the likes of Dusky, Italojohnson and tiNi. As such, he is already well accustomed to making big waves with the music he makes.

First up, ‘Turn The Music’ is an up tempo, busy house track with perfectly treated vocals stretched throughout a restless drum and percussive arrangement. Infectious and liquid in its groove, this one is expertly constructed to make ‘floors move and comes with some golden chords for a real sense of soul. ‘For The People’ is a crisp, super cool track with a spoken word snippet that repeats the title refrain as elastic drums and darting, spacey synths shoot all around. It’s warm and rich and human and is a perfect bit of dancing bait.

On the flip, ‘Raw’ is just as it sounds, a kicking, direct track with tightly programmed and corrugated drums, lots of intricate percussion and all sorts of smeared synths and subtle old school signifiers. Closing out the fine EP is ‘Swan Vista’, a rubbery techno track with shadowy soul in its bones.

This is a brilliantly varied and accomplished EP that touches on many different styles with equal aplomb and proves TIJN is right up there with the best of them.


1. Turn The Music
2. For The People
3. Raw
4. Swan Vista