Vito Lucente presents conceptual Techno with 'Alpha Instants' EP


Vito Lucente presents conceptual Techno with 'Alpha Instants' EP

Italian based imprint Ac-In Digital look to Toronto native, Vito Lucente with his spectacular Techno based 'Alpha Instants' EP for their next release. Featuring four tracks inspired by the evolution of all things, from its metaphysical past to its metaphysical future.

Each track on 'Alpha Instants' was produced to reconnect our relationship with the fundamentals of all creation in the universe. Include Ninna V Remix. Another milestone for the Ac-In Records label.

First up on the release, 'Alpha Instants' - the track develops a panicking tempo dragging you into an industrial playground of vexed white noise and hysteria.

'N Dimension' is packed with robust baselines and mesmerizing electric pulses, resonating deep, altering your mood transcending you into a dark, shadowy world lined with fire and brimstone.

'In a Instant' explores the deep regions of the mind, with ambient flows and electronic pulses.

To top off this release Ninna V delivers a super remix of 'Alpha V' that stays true to the raw industrial sound featured throughout the release, to repaint with a heavy build and edgy production style.


1. Alpha Instants
2. N Dimension
3. In a Instant
4. Alpha V (Ninna V Remix)

Release Date: TBC