Walking Shadow - Without You / Dessous Recordings


Walking Shadow - Without You / Dessous Recordings

For his second release on Dessous, Milan's Geronimo Gaiaschi delivers an EP of deeply infectious grooves that oozes class from start to finish.

The title track offers up a delicious concoction of Rhodes keys and smoky jazz inflections before a brittle synth and snatch of soulful vocal usher in an entrancing Chicago groove. Utterly moreish, it's a tune to stick on repeat.

Philpot label founder Jackmate's devilishly playful version does exactly what a remix should do: give the original tune's elements a fresh twist while respecting its distinctive spirit. A pounding kick, astonishing in its rippling intensity, underpins off-kilter and pitched-up samples that somehow hold together for an exhilarating ride.

"Fish Paul" marries spacey Eno-esque drones to a pounding beat and crackling interference. Testament to Gaiaschi's years of directing and promoting parties and his DJ residencies at Milan's Dude and Tunnel Clubs, it's a tune that embodies a fine-tuned understanding of the dancefloor."The Point" rounds things off with bright keys and crisp claps, to build a dreamy, skilfully layered groove.