Wavereform release cutting edge Techno from Laiva with 'T#16'


Wavereform release cutting edge Techno from Laiva with 'T#16'

Continuing to shape its identity, the Berlin based imprint - Wavereform has been pushing out cutting edge techno from the lesser known areas of Europe. After Jüras Lietus’ seismic 'Starp' 12”, the label returns with a powerful single from Finnish newcomer Laiva.

Hailing from the Eastern town of Kuhmo, Laiva was inspired to start producing his own music after Finland’s leading alternative radio station Mafia ceased broadcasting in 2003. After spending years refining his craft, Wavereform proudly presents the first evidence of this thrilling new entity on the Scandinavian electronic music scene.

The EP begins with the immersive, heavyweight techno pulse of 'T#16' - a constant cycle of metallic, resonant tones and echo chamber percussion, this is the true definition of wormhole techno.

By comparison, 'T#14' is a more measured affair that reveals its elements with patience, from the booming kick drum to the menacing prowl of the bass synth, with an intensity that ramps up as strafing clap sounds fire across the stereo range, the delay feedback rises and once again.

After delivering the Effe EP to Wavereform at the start of 2015, Qindek returns to remix “T#14”, turning the noise levels up with a heavy, carefully distorted version that edges just the right amount of new detail into the mix without losing the essence of the original.


1. T#16
2. T#14
3. T#14 (Qindek remix)

Release Date: 1st September 2015