Wet Cellar drop a fourth release 'WET 004/V.A.' with Mattia Trani, Marco Ef


Wet Cellar drop a fourth release 'WET 004/V.A.' with Mattia Trani, Marco Ef

It's the fourth release from the Berlin based imprint Wet Cellar, simply titled 'WET 004/V.A.' it's a example of what the label is about, simply producing a Techno sound and frame of mind in regards to underground electronic dance music.

The release brings two artists already known in previous releases Marco Effe and Salvo Castelli for A-side, while the B-side features a new artist, the young talent that is, Mattia Trani label boss of Pushmaster Discs.

The release starts with Marco Effe's 'Phase Meter' is raw minimal Techno, in short relentless and simplistic in stature, full of organic sounds and rhythm where a powerful bass line dominates our own heartbeats.

Next up on the A-side is Salvo Castelli with his 'Border Drone' with a a vigorous kick and keeps curiosity up with whips and organic sounds expertly arranged, as well as filters that open and close, and accentuate this piece’s rhythm.

The E.P is sown up on the B-side with 'Black Structure' from Mattia Trani, with it's sound straight and overwhelming, with stunning counterattacks intertwined with a symphony of sounds, vibrations, in which the individual parts fit attracted by the resonance with similar sounds.


A1. Marco Effe - Phase Meter
A2. Salvo Castelli - Border Drone
B1. Mattia Trani - Black Structure

Release Date: 25th May 2015.