What Will We Become? E.P is Justin Berkovi's entry onto Berlin based label


What Will We Become? E.P is Justin Berkovi's entry onto Berlin based label

Berlin based label Lucidflow have a habit of kicking off the year in style. Even by that standard, Justin Berkovi's entry onto the label coming in both digital and wax flavours is quite remarkable.

Prelude heads up a quartet of tracks in style, featuring one of the best drops in recent times. The lush strings and gentle keys provides one of those "stop and gawp at your mates" dancefloor moments.

Equally distinct is Dusk And Beyond, featuring bending and urging synths that sit somewhere between classic Detroit and the proto­ Plaid works of Balil.

The classic Lucidflow template is represented by Something Together, running with airy prog­ressive dub tones and spoken word snippets, while What Will We Become goes for no messing Detroit in intent ­ whip­cracking claps and a commanding vocal that cuts across the mix.

This release marks a new beginning for Berkovi, better known for his tougher Music Man, Force Inc, Djax and Harthouse releases over recent years. After haunting the b side of one release too many, a reboot into a more beloved and emotional techno template is obviously reaping dividends.

According to the man himself, this is no trend following phenomenon: “I've always produced deeper music, more often than not even years ago was always pushed to B sides of EPs or remixes but now it's the main thing I want to do, techno with soul. After releasing a lot of more melodic material on labels such as eevonext and an album for Trapez a few years ago I want to return to solely concentrating on this style for my music and live sets”

Hitting the street on 3rd March 2015, make sure you're on board with a man relishing a new lease of life.


1. Prelude
2. Something Together
3. What Will We Become?
4. Dusk And Beyond