Yulia Niko & Salski release 'Sunset' on DeepSeason

Deep House

Yulia Niko & Salski release 'Sunset' on DeepSeason

“Sunset” is the sixth instalment from DeepSeason Records, once again brought to you by the new rising star Yulia Niko and Salski, young and talented producer from Poland. You’ll be blown away by the avalanche of deep sexy vibes of the album, originally conceptualised by Yoko0, Lee Burridge and other giants in the field, with the cooperation of Dro’s Bayside, right from Miami.

'Sunset' is a deep melodic affair, slowly introduced and it’s not long before a euphoric crescendo of the main breakdown ensues, but any arms in the air moments do not last long.

Polish deep house producer Salski brings his rework to the forefront - adding fragmented sections joined by subtle modulation making it as captivating as it is unpredictable.

Dro from Miami to help round out the release with some fresh concepts and more deep delights...


01. Sunset (Salski Rework)
02. Sunset (Dro's Bayside Remix)
03. Sunset (Original Mix )

Release Date: 15th December 2016