Zepherin Saint presents 'One Sound' via Tribe Records


Zepherin Saint presents 'One Sound' via Tribe Records

Zepherin considers himself a nomad of sound, scouring unexpected places around the globe to fixate his ear on rare instruments, mysterious voices and obscure percussion in such places like Jeddah, Gambia and Egypt to name a few. The endless recordings from his global trekking are brought back to his lab and he mutates them into an electronic melange - his trademark sound. 

‘One Sound’ is a result of such experiences and features Adama - a native of Mali - effortlessly gliding through a mirage of jazz harmonised horns, hi life guitars discorded with abrupt synth lines, piecing together sounds that Zepherin regards as his inspirations for creating the music he hears in his head. 

One Sound is the follow up to his widely acclaimed and supported release ‘Canima’ (Afrotech Mix) which saw the likes of Solomun, Black Coffee, Joe Clausell and Louie Vega feature heavily in their sets throughout 2016. 


One Sound
One Sound (instrumental)

Release Date: TBC